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Peacemakers Inc. Proud Sponsor Of The Anti-Cyberbullying Tour (A.C.T.)

Mr. & Mrs. Fresh are two of our generations upcoming stars, not just for their artistic abilities but also because of their genuine passion for helping their generation become more aware of the dangers, of what is now called CyberBullying. These two young up and coming Hip-Hop artists have a clear picture of what is happening around them in today’s internet age. Our youth have engaged in a new epidemic called CyberBullying, resulting in countless incidents and teen suicides throughout our country.

Mr. & Mrs. Fresh have not only joined what is occurring nationally with CyberBullying, but instead they launched their own Anti-CyberBullying campaign. This movement was started by a simple Facebook comment that started off a post that resulted in over 50 comments of harassment toward an individual that simply disagreed with the comment. After the incident, the duo began posting Anti-CyberBullying messages and within 30 min of posting their message, they received over 200 hits. This caught the attention of the Peacemakers organization and we have joined in the battle by adopting Mr. & Mrs. Fresh’s idea of creating an Anti-CyberBullying Tour (A.C.T). “I truly believe that students are strongly influenced by their own peers that walk and talk like them. Mr. & Mrs. Fresh are the true examples of this” said Hank Roberts (founder of the Peacemakers org). Peacemakers Inc. will be providing sponsorship and be the official host of the A.C.T. Coming Soon to a neighborhood near you.

The A.C.T will consist of a series of concerts by new up and coming artists. This event will provide our children in schools and community centers with Anti-CyberBullying material to create awareness and prevention. A.C.T. artists will be trained in presenting and delivering information to their peers as well as a concert performance. Peacemakers will provide educators and facilitators during each event to present the curriculum and provide effective strategies to the youth. With that being said, the Peacemakers have been effective with branching out and partnering with outside community agencies as well as working directly with the school districts, juvenile justice, social services, and city officials. The Peacemaker Inc. organization has successfully worked with the city of Tracy Mayor’sCommunity Youth Support Network (MCYSN) and Tracy Unified School District in incorporating an anti-bullying program that has proven effective. The Peacemakers Inc. have also formed new partnerships with other youth organizations such as Teens 4 Christ, Local Boys & Girls Clubs and Children’s Bread.

Now we need you to join in the fight by attending and hosting this event at your school, agency, or community center. For more information about the A.C.T and becoming a sponsor please visit our website www.peacemakersinc.us/act.html

August 10, 2011