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What we do.

Peacemakers Inc. is commited to providing the unique school site service of mentoring/counseling for families. Our programs are designed to enhance the needs of children/families which ultimately creates a safe school climate conducive for all children to learn appropriate behavior skills and improve academic performance.


Peacemakers are visible daily on the school site assist/mentoring all students in addressing issues, concerns and conflicts. The mentoring occurs without a scheduled appointment simply a presence on the school site creates the opportunities.


Scheduled on-site mentoring weekly with students who tends to present consistent disruptive behavior that impede learning for themselves and others. Our goal is to unravel the roots issues and establish goals/objectives with rewards to overcome the challenges.


Assist teachers in the classroom by providing additional academic support and tactfully resolving student behavior that may impede the scholastic performance of all students.

Peacemakers support a peaceful school climate by monitoring the halls to ensure students have permission slips or passes permitting him or her to be out of class. We also assist guests/visitors in finding their campus destination or point of contact.
Peacemakers assist in organzing games/sports activities during recess and lunch. We are
visible and constantly interacting with children to prevent fights/resolve conflicts.
Assist in the cafeteria by teaching/reminding students to maintain voice control, no running,
throwing food as well as general eating etiquette.
A designated room on the campus where students who generally are suspended or their beahvior
impacts the school climate negatively. Upon entering the Restoration Room, the Peacemakers
goal is to debrief the issue and to teach conflict resolution skills. Also the Restoration Room
serves as a place to assist in academic support.



Creating healthy families and safe communities.

Our mission is to provide a system of care to deliver services that recognize the importance of family, school and community; and seek to promote the full potential of children, families and communities with the greatest needs by addressing their physical, emotional, intellectual and social challenges.



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