What others say

A sample of what educators, administrators, students, and parents think of Peacemakers

The Peacemakers build strong, withstanding relationships with students and parents which fosters trust and camaraderie on behalf of the schools. Their presence truly creates a safe zone.

Angela Morgan

After School Administrator

Wilson Elementary


Of those 30 plus students, many, if not all, were in danger of not graduating or being retained. Approximately one hundred percent of those students who participated in Peacemakers and were in danger of not graduating actually graduated and have gone on to high school.

W. Phil Duncan, Principal

San Francisco 49ers Academy


The Peacemakers really care about the students and build positive relationships with them.

Amethyst Scott, Teacher


Peacemakers keep things safe.


Santa Fe Elementary Student


Since the Peacemakers and Mr. Roberts have been at Prescott, I have personally spent most of my time teaching my students instead of disciplining them.

Dorothy Scott, Teacher

Prescott Elementary


Mr. Roberts in his relationship with all students, but mainly male students, prepares for tomorrow by ensuring students understand that education is their top priority.

Carol Young, Teacher

Prescott Elementary


In my opinion this organization has unlimited potential to aid in development of responsible, educated future citizens. I am pleased to be working with this fine organization.

Judith Porter, Counselor

Bancroft Middle School